worm worries

One of the distractions from finishing my book over the last couple of weeks have been worrying happenings in my wormery.

It all began when lots of little white bugs began to appear on the inside of the lid, there seemed to be zillions of them. I googled them and decided they werent a problem – natural neighbours for the worms.

But then the worms started legging it (albeit without legs) from the wormery en masse, loads of them hopping it – which was very disconcerting. I thought perhaps it might be a question of a change in atmospheric pressure encouraging mass evacuation, but I was kidding myself, the outflow was too great for that.

So I checked out the inside of the wormery, I found it to be quite squelchy, and after some google based research found that the worms were probably a) too waterlogged, and b) the compost may have been too acidic.

To counter the latter problem I am supposed to get lime to add to the compost, havent done that yet, but I have added lots of cardboard and shredded paper to the mixture to try and soak up some of the liquid. I’ve also drilled more drainage and air holes in the box, and so far it seems to have done the trick. However the worm population has diminished somewhat, and I dont know if it will build up again to suitable levels, or whether I am going to have to repopulate the colony.

All very alarming, but if you notice a big build up of beasties at the top of your wormery, you may find that your worms are waterlogged or over acidised, the little creatures like it like that, but the worms dont.

For more on how to make your own wormery see my earlier posts here and here.


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