eco fetish misses the point

Picked up this story from treehugger, about a man who is selling his own personal carbon offsetting system. He isnt driving for a year, and for a price you can offset your own carbon emmissions through his car free lifestyle.

This is a perfect example of exercises in missing the point.

In buying an offset all you are doing is assuaging your own guilt for your carbon sins, this is partly what I was talking about in my last post, where I suggested big brands were buying small ‘ethical’ brands, to make themselves look better. I remain to be convinced that any of these big brands, with the possible (only possible) exception of Mars are really making any effort to be more ethical, they have simply purchased their own metaphorical carbon offset, with the added bonus that it is a good marketing tool, and makes them money.

The idea should surely be that if you are a polluter you should be looked upon as such, you shouldnt just be able to pay a little guilt money to ease your conscience. What we need, I suggest are fewer fetishes such as this, and more people giving up cars or whatever is their particular vice.

I suppose, following on from my comment thread discussion with Joe from Freedom clothing, we might put fair trade clothing in this eco fetish category…


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