Indian updates

Been a busy few days so far in India, we’ve been to see possible suppliers in a couple fo different cities, and for one reason and another, I’m not going to go into the details of who we’ve been to see, and their various good points and bad points, although if you have a good reason for asking, please feel free to dro pme a line.

However, I must say I am encouraged to see the very high standard of garment factory which is being maintained here under FLO and GOTS registration, following the discussions on this blog of recent weeks, I have been quizzing people on which certification/registration they find it hardest to meet the requirements of, it turns out that the FLO requirements are felt to be pretty stringent by these guys, this despite the fact that they have excellent, contemporary, airy, clean, safe, relaxed factories, where the workers, who are often deliberately recruited from very disadvantaged backgrounds, seem very happy.

My issue has been, and continues to be, the problem of QC, however, this does not  just apply to Fair Trade Factories, but to garment factories across the board.  The key seems to be to have someone independent in place who can keep on top of the QC, as well as the merchandising, which is also a problem with factories, particularly perhaps, those with more of an NGO type outlook, and less of a businesslike approach.

We’re confident of a result here.

Anyway, two weblinks to make while I’m here –

Brilliant stuff from an archive interview with Dorothy Day, from back in the day, here at Pinch Of Salt. Just for my own sake I wish I had read this before I had written the Catholic Worker section of my book.

Secondly an interesting little article from a fellow Grimsby Blogger who writes as much about the history of Lincolnshire as anything else, talking about the 66% of teenagers who do not believe in God. I am not surprised by this figure, indeed I would agree and say that I am surprised its not higher. I would want to know what people mean when they say ‘I dont believe in God’ or conversely ‘I do believe…’ as these statements are never quite as clear cut as they seem. Interesting stats to chew on though, and worthy of a few thoughts of my own if I can manage to gather myself at some point – it’s just started raining in Mumbai, but we’re in the south now, and its still jolly hot down here!


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