summer time shutdown

As the summer is here, the sun is quite often to be seen overhead, the vegetables are growing, and there is fun to be had out of doors, I shall be resting from the blog for a few weeks.


Actually my blogging rate goes down when I have outdoor stuff to do, when seated at the computer for days on end I often find time to waffle on about some kind of nonsense, but its more difficult when you have a trowel in your hand.

So the next few weeks I shall be working, gardening, rebuilding my daily rhythm, making changes to the book which is due back from the editor any time now, going on holiday for two weeks (Scotland and the Lakes), seeing friends, having barbeques and picnics, reading, going to northern soul nights with my wife, and playing with the children.

There are few pleasures in life more earthy and real than digging up potatoes, breaking the soil to find a clutch of golden-egg-like tatties nestled in the mud, and frankly that interests me much more than blogging right now. In the same vein we have solitary bees laying their eggs in our ‘solitary bee hive’, which is absolutely fascinating, and I learn something new everyday when it comes to how different plants interact with one another – the borage and garlic combination has been a real success for a start!


Equally as interesting, although less cheery is learning about what I did wrong this year, which mainly comes down to not having spent enough time on the plot in general, and weeding or hoeing in particular. As that situation is unlikely to change drastically I am experimenting with perenial plants to find things which will get along alright without my constant attention… here’s hoping.

Philosophically I am woring through my ongoing questions about material possesions and a Jesus based lifestyle, I have friends who are serious business people, and drive swanky cars, how does that fit with my ‘no luxury cars for Christians’ feelings? I’m reading Merton, Nouwen, Bonhoeffer and others, particularly enjoying Richard Foster’s book on prayer, but getting light relief in the form of spy fiction, really enjoyed the latest young Bond novel, well done Charlie Higson! I’m also quite concerned about the way I am encouraging my own consumptive frame of mind by consuming media through the internet at a huge rate, I’m deliberately fasting it for a while to see how that affects me socially and spiritually.

I’ll probably post the odd bit and piece now and then, and hope to get back properly before the end of August, when we will be heading to the Greenbelt festival.

In the meantime, I need to work out if I can put my blog reader subscriptions on hold…

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