Our Lake district holiday this year was at Fisherground campsite, which is in the Western Lakes, and which I can heartily reccomend to anyone with kids.

The site is very well equipped for young families, with an adventure playground and small lake/large pond where kids rampage on rafts and rope swings, it is also fairly unique in allowing campers to have open fires by their tents. Each pitch is provided with a ‘wheel rim fire-pit’ perfect for building small log fires in, which provide welcome warmth, and plentiful gnat repelling smoke too.

It’s close to the coast, and provides easy access to various other sites around the lakes too, our favourite being Wast Water, the deepest lake in England, and a good place for a bit of picnicing.

We were there with our good friends Paul and Phil, here’s Paul cooking two marshmallows… he claims they were for his children.

two marshmallowsMost of our other pics have the kids in them, and I have a policy of not including pictures of my children on this site, so I wont be posting them.

There is this one though which shows the site from the hill next to it, which we all climbed one morning, it really is a great location, and in mid week, not too busy at all. Tellingly, the locals tend to descend on it at weekends.

fisher ground

Well worth a visit, dont be put off by the owner’s occasional slightly grumpy demeanour, she’s very nice really, but doesnt like people driving on the grass…

There’s no shop on site, and local prices are a little high, but if you’re well prepared you should have no problems, there’s even a small steam train which stops at the site… which is the cue for no end of hilarious jokes.


2 thoughts on “Fisherground

  1. Who knew your blog had policies? It’ll have a strategic quality improvement framework next. Have you consulted the stakeholders?

    1. Going forward, we’re looking to implement, year on year, a continuous program which will, when brought into focus, deliver a maximum return for all involved.

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