Making butter

Perhaps its because its the holidays and I am forced into part time working hours, but I have recently been stirred into new adventures with home made stuff.

I’ve at last got round to tie-dyeing, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages, years in fact, but somehow never done. The girls and I dyed two teeshirts the other day, and now they are proudly wearing them, which is very pleasing.

But the thing I have enjoyed making most of all this summer, has been butter.

I’ve done yoghurt before, and cheese, but I havent made butter since I was at primary school, when the teacher showed us how to skim the cream from the top of the milk bottles, and churn it up to make butter for the class.

My experimental technique was on a slightly larger scale, I got about a pint of double cream and in two goes I ‘churned’ it with a large glass jar.

It’s a very simple process, simply shaking it, in slow repetative up and down strokes, until (and it took ten minutes for me) the cream turns, it goes suddenly all thick and buttery.

The next step after churning is to wash and squeeze the water and milk out of the butter, this bit is much harder than the churning. In fact, I dont think I got this bit right, there is still far too much liquid in my butter, although its fine once its cooled in the fridge, but it doesnt quite have that smooth buttery texture.

This is probably because I didnt use the right equipment to bash the butter about, a mistake I shall not make next time. I wonder too if the temperature in the room might have been a tad high.

Anyhow, because we made the butter on the same day as bread making day, and the day after we’d made a load of apple and bramble jam, we had home made bread, butter and jam, and it was delicious.

I suppose I should have taken some photos really… duh.


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