Permaculture magazine

PM61I bumped into permaculture magazine recently, funnily enough its a magazine about permaculture, and associated lifestyle issues.

I must say that it really is a good read. It doesnt have that middle class smugness which is embodied by many green lifestyle mags, one of which I’ve even written for before now.

My experience of permaculture type issues is that one has to resist the temptation of looking for the ‘big’ answer. Its a very sysytem dependent way of thinking to look for ‘the expert’ to answer ones questions.

Instead we need to respect the fact that we all hold a piece of the puzzle, there are ways and ideas which work for you in your place, which might not work for me in my place, but with a bit of adaptation may prove useful.

What I found in the magazine was a really helpful amount of small contributions, people chipping in with their experience, their piece of the jigsaw. When you add this knowledge to that which you have already, you begin to see a bigger picture, one which will build and change as you go along.

The magazine bills itself as ‘inspiration for sustainable living’, and I would say that by that measure it works. It is thought and idea provoking, doesnt attempt to provide a one stop shop, or one size fits all answer, but tells a number of stories, and in those stories you can find ideas and inspiration of your own.

A good read, you can subscribe, get it from your local newsagent, you can also read more here at the editors blog, and here at the magazine portal.


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