inspirational permaculture garden

Check out this ‘step by step‘ documenting of how one family transformed their modest urban back garden into a small forest garden, using permaculture techniques.

Its a really good example of how one can use imaginative approaches to take a permie approach to gardening, without the need for massive acreage or established woodland.

This couple have taken their lead from books and planted up a nice herb spiral which I am once again besotted by. Crucially they have taken their time and built it up slowly, carefully designing it as they went.

My one gripe (I always have one) is the amount of money it must have cost, I did some mental calculations and worked out it must have been pretty pricey. However, I guess most of it will be self renewing, and so can be expected to pay for itself over time. I am also slightly concerned about the amount they harvested this year, which doesnt seem to be very much… however I guess that productivity can only be expected to increase.

In sum, I think this is an inspirational project, with plenty to be drawn from, it’s well worth a look and a mull over. Beats boring old conventional gardening anyhow 😉


2 thoughts on “inspirational permaculture garden

  1. This is interesting, but it doesn’t address the fundamental challenge to permaculture; producing adequate quantities of calorific staples. Permaculture can produce nice tasty things and impressively obscure vegetables, but it is not a viable alternative to large scale, wheat, rice and potato cultivation.

  2. Just briefly, potatoes can be a part of a permaculture gardening system, also nuts on a large scale can provide appropriate calories. However the most important point is that what is required is greater self reliance, and less reliance on mass produced (and wasted) grain and spuds.

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