Overwintering alliums

garlic dryingI got a load of onion sets and a few bulbs of hard necked garlic today for overwinter planting, it’s a wee while til September just yet, but at least I’m ready on that score, just need to get the ground suitably prepared.

I read that the best garlic is overwintered, although I must say that I was very pleased with the Solent White I planted in late winter this year, it yielded a very healthy crop despite periods of neglect.

(above, some of this year’s crop drying)

So I’ll be doing a bit of both, I’ll get the Solent White from Dobies in again in late winter, and I’ll plant these bad boys in September, we’ll see which of them gives the best crop.

I overwintered a bunch of Japanese onions last year, they came through nicely enough, but there werent enough of them. So this time round I’ll be growing a whole load of onions, Japanese, white and red.

For garlic I dug quite a bit of sand into the soil, as the soil on my plot is quite heavy, I’m not sure how much difference it made, but it certainly helped make the soil nice and crumbly. By nature I’m a low interventionist, (lazy) when it comes to cultivation, so you can be sure I’ll be doing the least I can get away with and calling it natural or something. The big question for me is whether to continue with beds, or to adopt a row formation, which is favoured by gardeners of the old school, it does seem to make hoeing easier…


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