Bee-keeping free e-books and news

With the recent mega surge of interest in bees here in the UK it seems like the obvious thing for the people who brought us the ‘omlet’ chicken house, to have designed a cool new bee hive.

The Omlet ‘Bee Haus’ is the latest thing in beekeeping circles, for super cool bee keepers to keep their new brood in. Its a pretty high tech solution to the problem of keeping bees happy, one of the good things about it is the way it is raised up from the ground, saving the poor old bee-keeper from that ruinous bending and lifting. One of the bad things though is that it will sting you about £500 of your english quids, that’s a lot of honey, unless you’re somehow producing Manuka honey, in which case its only about half a dozen jars 🙂

If like me, you prefer the lower tech approach, you may find more of interest on the site of the barefoot bee-keeper, which is all about natural, chemical free, bee-keeping in top bar hives.

You can download for free, a basic guide to this sort of bee-keeping, and to building a top bar hive, which is much more my kind of thing than the swanky bee-haus, albeit my carpentry skills are such that I’d probably be better off with Omlet’s offering.

Anyhow, I’m in no real danger of keeping bees any time soon, seems like an intensive occupation to me, plus at the moment there’s a shortage of swarms, as new people are taking up bee-keeping all the time, on the back of the news about colony collapse disorder, fears about pollination etc.

We do however have a simple Mason (solitary) bee nest box on our plot, which is great, and has been home to about eight bees and their larvae this summer, which is pretty good I think.

If you’re really interested in keeping bees, I would reccomend you check out this free e-book version of ‘bee keeping for all’ which details the Warre method of beekeeping, which is straightforward, natural, and makes a lot of sense to me.


2 thoughts on “Bee-keeping free e-books and news

  1. This is expensive kit , and hopefully if a lot of folk sartto buy the price will come down. one point, no where does it say ,or give an expected life span. At least with an old WBC you can use the olsd carpentry skills whenit starts to fall to pieces , as they all do in time.

  2. Looks like a very modern beehive, I still use an the old fashion type. I just started though, and I’m going to check into this. Any benefits?

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