No, not the place, the group, or at least the output of the prodigiously talented Zach Condon and his super cool group.

If you like your music full of quirky wistfulness, with a mellow vibe but backed up with stonking Balkan style brass, then you need to listen to some Beirut.

Legend has it that the Beirut sound was formed after young Zach turned up, tuned in and dropped out  on a hazy journey through Europe (he’s from New Mexico pop fans) where he learned at the feet of the Balkan gypsy musicians and gained a passion for the music of the continental europeans.

If you check out Beirut, you’ll hear hints of Parisian chancon a la LNV, as well as the kind of brass that the Balkans do so well, all underscored or perhaps over written by his mournful yet melodic voice, which manages to be at once sweet and sad, while somehow giving a strange sense of uplift.

Well worth a listen, particularly for fans of indie, downbeat, balkan, french and gypsy music.


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