An organic cotton success story

There’s still a lot of tosh talked about Organic cotton, that it’s too thirsty, that yields are too low, and that its not a sustainable way to grow fibres, but there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Even if there weren’t, we’re starting from a point where we can show that the conventional ways of growing cotton are totally unsuitable, and increasingly damaging to the natural environment, as well as the growers.

So it’s great to be able to point you to this 8 page feature from Eco textile magazine, which takes an in depth look at the Swiss BioRe project in Tanzania, which is proving to be a great success.

I encourage you to read this and consider how much the organic premium costs you when you’re choosing a tee-shirt, shirt, or pair of pants, compared to how much it costs those farmers who are slaving away in debt to chemical companies. Organic cotton is not the holy grail, but when the choice is there, it’s the moral high ground.


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