Urban farming

Something I’m really quite interested in is urban farming, it’s something which I think about quite a bit in relation to my ‘big picture’ vision for sustainable community life.

I think the term ‘farming’ is quite important, after all ‘farmers’ are professionals, to farm is to have a purpose in your production of livestock or crops which goes beyond ‘hobby’ status.

To say that one is a gardener can mean anything from tending the occasional tulip, to practically full time vegetable growing or even small scale livestock (chickens, ducks, geese, fish or bees can all be kept by a gardener). It is also often taken to mean that you do work for other people in their gardens, grass cutting or etcetera.

To describe ones activity as farming on the other hand takes it to another level, the term can be defined as relating to a way of life which is based upon the practise of agriculture, which itself can be defined as the raising of livestock or crops through the purposeful culture of the ground.

Farming is a way of life, and a job, it is worthy of recognition as such, and it is high time it was reunderstood – to allow a greater amount of urban growers to re-understand the dignity of their work.

Can what I do be described as urban farming? Not yet, not enough time has been spent in cultivation of one sort or another. But that should be about to change, and when it has, then maybe I too can be an urban farmer, albeit of a permacultural rather than an agricultural nature.

Ooh arr.


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