Derren Brown’s lottery trick and charismatic Christianity

I didnt see Derren Brown pull his lottery trick, not having a tv will do that for you. But my goodness there’s been a lot of talk on the internet about it, which is surely the point.

I dont know how he did it, for sure there will be a simple explanation to it, mainly covered up by the sheer load of fluff he surrounded it all with (rules and regulations and other pish tosh), which is great showmanship.

Derren Brown is one of the great showmen of our generation, I have seen him on TV before, I’ve seen him use mind tricks to con people into handing him money and valuables, which makes me wonder if there are others out there who are using similar techniques for more nefarious purposes.

Most interesting of all for me, was his 2005 ‘Messiah’ series, which I watched on Youtube a while ago (its no longer available) where Derren put himself forward as a charismatic Christian minister, and offered to pray for people – he explained to viewers that this was not in any way a spiritual exercise, he was just going to say stuff and see how people reacted. At his meetings, guess what, people fell over and exhibited the kinds of ‘signs’ of Holy Spirit manifestation which you can see in many charismatic churches most weeks.

This was a profoundly interesting and disturbing sight, to see a man replicate these manifestations using only the power of suggestion was fascinating and challenging for someone who believes that the Holy Spirit does move in supernatural ways, and does manifest in a physical way at times.

However, my problem has always been that I want to see the evidence of transformed lives, and too often I just see sensation seekers. Sorry if that sounds judgemental, it is rather just observational. So to see Derren replicate these kinds of experiences when his work is nothing to do with God makes me wonder about many if not all of the Holy Spirit ‘manifestations’ I’ve seen.

In a world where individuals arent satisfied to be unimportant nobodies, where everyone wants to be feel that they are the centre of the world somehow, the mind can do funny things, even to very sincere and good people.

So anyway, Derren Brown is set to reveal his techniques for the lottery trick on friday I believe, I strongly suspect that the reveal will be something of a let down, with half the story remaining untold, but who knows…

Check out Sahel Steve for a funny video about Derren’s mind mangling powers.


6 thoughts on “Derren Brown’s lottery trick and charismatic Christianity

  1. This is quite simple another MAGIC TRICK. This is no different to all the other predictions he’s made, he just dresses them up differently. It’s a magic trick nothing more & he’s done it many times before.

    1. to be pedantic its not a magic trick, he’s a mentalist, an illusionist, and this is a trick of the mind or illusion. He’s certainly a clever guy.

  2. I saw Derron do something very similar to the messiah stuff and again as someone at points involved with the charismatic Christianity circus it was somewhat scary (and also familiar)
    What I also found interesting is that he used to be a christian himself I wondered whether he was almost mimicking ministers he’d seen himself

  3. I hadn’t heard about the ‘Messiah’ series – I’d be interested to see footage of that. I agree with you that changed lives are the most important thing, of course.

    There’s some interesting conversation between Derren Brown and Richard Dawkins on Youtube (a series of six) – they are mainly taking apart proponents of psychic/spiritualist goings-on. Which is why I found Derren Brown’s Friday ‘explanation’ so ridiculous – by all means give a half-explanation, Derren, but don’t give one that you yourself think is utter tosh. Wisdom of Crowds, chortle, chortle.

    Anyway, here’s a clever person explaining how Derren did it. 99.9% convincing.

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