New Monasticism UK

My book, New Monasticism UK, will be published in 2010.

New monasticism is a subject which is close to my heart, and in the book: ‘New Monasticism UK, Rules, Rhythms and Community Living in the 21st Century’ I look at the genesis of the idea, a bit of the the history and some of the contemporary practise, before going on to look at some of the communities which might be termed new monastic in the UK today.

I’ve missed loads of stuff out, the book is much too short to be able to do the subject justice really, but I hope it will be an interesting introduction and discussion starter for those who are less familiar with the concept, and perhaps will even add some useful fuel to the fires of those who are already well engaged in forming rhythms, rules and/or communities of their own.

Oh, and it does reveal the original 24/7 prayer community, which was British and before Zinzendorf…. the tension mounts!

I’m thinking about how best to address some of the topics in the book before its published, I’ll probably just procrastinate and do nothing, but if there is anything you’d like to hear about in advance of the book being published, you can comment here or send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

5 thoughts on “New Monasticism UK

  1. Hello Simon,

    I am in the early stages of furthering a potentially very large scale charitable-esque endeavour to aid all of the UK & Irish populations as minimums with regards to most aspects of life, including Genuine (rather than fashionable) Sustainable Living, Climatic Changes, and considerably more. I have been writing thr explanatory books for some years and am still doing so, given the entirety of that proposed. However, an integral part of this endeavour is the building, rebuilding, and operating of Castles, Heritage Homes, Monasteries, Monastic communities, and most UK etc. communities to be centred around such provisions as this endeavour will very carefully provide. There is considerably more here than just such provisions, and indeed there is considerably more in the how and the why as to their provision also, but if you felt that you might like to receive an EXTREMELY INFORMAL single A3-sized .pdf page in the most basic and minimal relation to this endeavour, then you would be most welcome Simon! It informs very little (hence the books in question), and was drawn-up rapidly a few years ago for a natter with another party, but, since it is something that I have to hand, if you did wish to receive that as an email attachment then do please let me know your email address Simon.

    The Best of Luck with regards to your book, however!

    All the Best,


    1. hi Tom, it’s been renamed ‘totally devoted’ it will be published by Authentic Media in September all being well. I hope it’ll be available for pre-order pretty soon!! Cheers, Simon

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