How to make a ladybird house


There have been a lot of ladybirds around this summer, which is excellent. Ladybirds are great natural pest controllers! But now autumn is drawing in, we should be remembering to provide habitat for overwintering ladybirds in our gardens, especially if we want them to come and eat aphids again next year. So you can buy ladybird houses from garden centres, at a cost of about £15, with pretty painted ladybirds on, or, you can make a ladybird house.

Guess which option I took.

Ladybirds naturally find little holes and crevices in bits of wood and stuff to hide out in, an easy way to replicate this is to drill holes into a small log, and leave said log in a nice sheltered place.

lbh3I prefer to use hand tools rather than power tools, and had to improvise a ‘vice’ which turned out to be my feet…

But as you can see, I just used an ordinary small log (nicked from a wood pile) and drilled holes around the log with a medium sized bit.

One of the interesting things about using hand drills is that it worls best when you only apply a little bit of pressure, unlike electric drills which seem to want you to push them hard. The holes need to be reasonably deep, just to keep the elements out.


One then can place the little ladybird houses in sheltered places, I let the kids decide where to put them, I think their choices were suitable 🙂

We had a lot of success this summer with our ‘solitary bee hotel’ which I bought for Kel as a Christmas present last year, that proved to be quite popular with the bees, so I think we’ll probably try and make another of those.

But in the next post, I shall be telling you all about our other project of the weekend…


One thought on “How to make a ladybird house

  1. Yes, but how do you persuade ladybirds to move house? I tried tempting the flock of ladybirds that have moved into my window jamb (dangerous)…..the bit that the window fits in to….. to move into a lovely new, custom made ladybird house. They crawled over it and returned to the windows……

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