Buy a house for £4000

Want to come and live with us in Grimsby? There’s a house round the corner from our flat up for auction, with a  guide price of £4000.00

Yup, that’s all.

Needs a bit of work I suspect, and the road isnt exactly Park Lane.

But still, four grand… needs some good people that street.


2 thoughts on “Buy a house for £4000

  1. I’d be interested except that I don’t have a job in Grimsby.

    Apart from that, what’s the neighbourhood like? We’re fed up of living places where if the chipmunks get out, the local kids think it’d be fun to kill them.

    I suppose we could buy it as an ‘investment’ property, but I suspect you’d not approve of that….

    1. well you’re always welcome up here! the house is basically a shell, burned out from inside, the area is pretty rough, and that street is mainly boarded up, but we’re literally just around the corner, which must count for something 😉 big garden there!

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