garden pics

some pictures from the allotment – it’s all the rage you know!

broadbeansup first my carefully cloched broad bean crop, already enjoying the benefits of the last of the sun.

broadbeans2Here you can see some of the little blighters growing away happily in what has to be one of the cheapest forms of cloching around, some scavenged/salvaged corrugated plastic and some bits of garden cane.

They need regular watering, and I have fed them a wee bit.

garlic1Then there’s the garlic, this is hard necked garlic which should overwinter fine. It only needs poor soil, but I like to give it a bit of organic onion/root veg food. It is enjoying the still warmish soil, but will need the cold to really get to work.

garlic2I’ve kept these garlics by themselves, but apparently aliums companion plant well with brassicas, so I’ve just interplanted some red onion sets with the winter cabbage which I put in a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be planting some soft necked garlic in the spring, Solent Wight I’ve found to be particularly good.

salad1Over in the greenhouse the tomatoes are coming to an end, but the hanging salad gardens of babylon are still very happy, just a length of gutter with drainage holes propped up with string, bits of cane and etc, this kind of cut and come again salad doesnt need much by way of growing depth, so this is ideal.

salad2From memory I think these plants came from an oriental salad leaf mix, just keep snipping away… yum.

big mommaIt’s not all about food for us, the borage has passed its best but is still providing interest to bees, and this ma-hoo-sive spider among other critters, I’m encouraging it to self seed so I dont have to grow the plants next year.

And in return for letting the bugs have some space, God sent me this little love message:

heart cloud

Which was a nice gesture I thought.


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