My allotment wish list

Want to get me a present? Of course you do, I’m a lovely person.

Oh alright then, I know you arent going to get me anything you swine, but if Santa is reading this, here’s a few items on my current wish list – all specifically relating to the allotment!

1) A spade that doesnt bend. Seriously, my spade bends! What’s that all about? Good thing I hardly every need it, tend to use the digging hoe for digging, fork for tilling, only use spade for planting trees and stuff, but still!! It flippin bends – can you believe it?!

2) Black Jet Soya Bean seeds – these look like they are well worth a try, they’re on the list for next season.

3) Welsh Red Onion seeds – ace for the perennials area.

4) Perennial sprouting broccoli – I am covetous of these little suckers, but worried they might be really sour, can anyone tell me?

5) Custard Apple tree, mmmmmm. I planted my kiwi tree recently, it seems like it might not die… woo hoo.

6) A nut orchard – just loads of nut trees, that’s what I want.

I may well get round to buying some of these myself eventually, just need to save up first.

I’ll also be getting some french kidney bean plants from the organic seed catalogue for next season, just need to work out where to plant them. And yeah, the autumn sown broad beans and garlic are roaring along – thanks for asking. I also planted some new blueberry bushes, as I’ve had more success from the blueberries than with any other kind of berry bush this year… crazy stuff, the soil’s not even that acidic.


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