Anti abortion?

I was suprised to find a number of visitors coming to the blog from the ‘ship of fools forum‘ a web place I’d never visited before – I discovered that in fact there was a link there to the story of Ajani, our little boy who was born dead.

The link was posted by Ian Matthews a friend of ours who blogs here, and who also had a little boy who died. I was disappointed to see that at the end of the thread Ian, and my link, were classed as being ‘anti abortion propaganda’ which is assuredly untrue. Annoyingly the thread was closed and I couldnt put my own side of the story across, so instead I will do so here.

I am not ‘anti abortion’, I am ‘anti death, pain and suffering’. We carefully considered whether it would in fact it would have been a better option in our situation, we decided it wouldnt. Our son was not suffering in the womb, that was a good place for him to live, and we were priveliged to carry him for as long as we did.

I personally feel deeply sorry for anyone who is facing the crisis decision of whether or not to have a baby aborted, I think that is a terrible place for anyone to have to go. While I would once have been very black and white about it, I can no longer be, as I live in the knowledge that many of these babies are born unwanted and unloved. Until more of us are willing to take on the care and love of these little ones, we have no moral high ground to preach from.

I am not a ‘pro choice’ person, any more than I am a ‘anti abortion’ person. I think we need to treat everyone with great love and compassion, and those of us who can should be willing to give as much love away as possible, especially to little ones whose lives can be very hard and lacking in love.

That’s more or less what I would have said on that thread about their comments. Perhaps it would have been just as well I didnt, I probably would have been less balanced in my tone.


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