Back from Scotland

heads up

We had a wonderful weekend up in Scotland with my feckless brother and his much better half, he seems to be doing alright I suppose… And then on to see two sets of good friends before we came home, one of the people we went to see I have known about as long as said feckless brother, a big difference being she’s not feckless… they are both teachers though… spooky.

Crashed back in to getting work done today, despite the kids still being on holiday, went to see someone this morning about some classes I have been asked to deliver, I’ll probably write more about that some other time, but suffice it to say I’m rather pleased to be involved in this project.

And on the way back from that meeting I chanced upon a Chestnut tree, I cant think why I havent noticed the tree before, I’ve been looking out for Chestnuts for months, I think perhaps because its lowest branches are pretty high up, and I may have stupidly mistaken it for a Beech tree… ho hum. Anyhow, managed to gather a few chestnuts, so look out for a post on the wonders of grilling sweet chestnuts some time soon!


Got to get to the allotment tomorrow, who knows what’s happened since I was there last, the Broad Beans were trying to bust out of their cloches last week, they seem to be responding ‘well’ to the conditions they are in, a bit too well in fact.



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