what happens when a pioneer leaves?

Following on from reflections on pioneer lifestyles and ministries over recent months, I read that David Hieatt is leaving the company he founded, Howies.

For those who dont know, Howies is a kind of Green Urban Sports clothing company, they make stuff for cyclists, skaters and so on, and perhaps most notably for those who want to look like cyclists and skaters.

The great thing about Howies was, for me, their independence, their ability to stick it to the man while still working inside the system. More recently though David and his wife Clare sold a proportion of the company to Timberland, a multinational fashion chain. I think that was a point when Howies lost something of their edge, they still make good clothes, with great design elements, but something changed at that time. And it wasnt just that the Anti American rants disappeared.

Somehow they were more comfortable, more able to do thier thing without worrying about the cashflow, and the Hieatts were no doubt glad not to have to remortgage their home over and over just to keep the company afloat.

But now David is leaving, which he reflects upon briefly here. Its an interesting and bold move, he seems a very creative and challenging character, and is a great writer.

He and Clare pioneered Howies, Clare remains with the company, but David has left, what will happen now to this thing they built? I’ll be watching with interest. And best of luck David.


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