Book Progress

So the book is progressing, which is kind of exciting. Because it is now out of my hands I dont really feel like its a real entity at the moment, except for brief flashes of excitement now and then, like today when I was sent a bunch of potential covers to have a look at, actually I thought there were about four really good options in the bunch, but one stood out as my favourite, and the same one was picked out by a couple of others I asked, so I now think I have an idea what the book will look like.


Publishing date is still the same, looks like May 2010 barring any set backs, I was thinking of asking the Pope for a foreword… worth a try?

For anyone who doesnt know by the way, and cares, because you need to care and not know to want to read this next sentence… The book is called New Monasticism UK, and its about the themes of new monasticism, in terms of rules, rhythms, community and so on, and it is mainly made up of interviews with people living in what I consider to be new monastic ways. I would think it would make a really perfect gift for anyone fom the age of 5 upwards… oh darn I forgot to include colouring pages!


2 thoughts on “Book Progress

    1. Hi Steve, actually I checked, turns out Chichester is the centre of the world – who knew! More exciting revelations to come… PS, loved Hacking Timbuktu, will do a review soon 🙂

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