Tobias Jones sets up a commune

One of the people whose name was mentioned a few times during the research for my book on New Monasticism in the Uk, was Tobias Jones whose book Utopian Dreams told of his journey around a number of communes, including Pilsdon in the south of England, which is one of the communities I look at too.

Tobias, it must be said, is a far better writer than me, and his book is very much worth reading if you are interested in community living of any sort.

Interesting to note by the way that he links Pilsdon directly to Little Gidding, which is a key place in the story of New Monasticism in the UK, I hope to meet up with James Stacey from the Jesus Army there in the new year.

Anyway, Tobias is now in the process of setting up his own woodland community, which sounds brilliant, you can read about it here. He is taking a very sensitive and pragmatic approach to it, which is to heartily reccomended. I wish him every success and blessing. Go for it!!



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