I’ve rather lost interest in blogging, and in the internet in general recently. I sometimes go through periods of doubt as to how good it is for us generally and me in particular to be bombarded with all the information in the world. It seems to somehow abstract me from reality rather than connect me to it.

However, that notwithstanding I have read a couple of blogs recently, including this one from the provocative and prophetic James Stacey, a great guy who is part of the Jesus Army, and has something important to say about the faux Christian commercialism of Christmas.

There is also a paper here by Mark Berry, giving his take on new monasticism and spiritual seekers.

So I’m still sort of in limbo on the blogging, tweeting side of life, I may recommence, I may pack it in… havent quite decided yet, I’ll let you know if and when I do!


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Blog in moderation. Tweet in moderation. Eat mince pies and buy presents for your children (in moderation)

    I read James Stacey’s post and have commented there – thanks for linking.

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