back to the blog

I’m over being completely fed up with blogging again, so I’m back to my old ways (like a dog to his vomit 😉 )

I’m writing this while in a skype meeting, how’s that for multi-tasking in the internet age?

Got a few exciting prospects on the go at the moment, one cyber project which looks like a great thing to be involved in, and a number of things more locally which are feeling really good. Apart from anything else I’m dusting off the CD decks once more… not sure if I can remember how to turn them on 😉

Looking forward to getting back on the blog again. Nice to have had a break though.


2 thoughts on “back to the blog

  1. That is good news. I am not sure I could have handled the demise of Phil Archer, Terry Wogans breakfast show and your Blog all in the same month.

    1. understood, it’s been a trying month for us all, and I couldnt bear the weight of such responsibility for much longer. 😛

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