The posh and the volunteers

A really good article in the guardian today talks about the return of the posh to popular society. It talks about various aspects of posh, and how they have become acceptable again in public circles, its well worth a read.

But as a class warrior (ha!) myself I am worried about the seeming rise of the posh towards a perhaps now inevitable Tory victory in the next election. I find Dave, Boris et al a troubling group who seem to work on the basis of an old school of patrician conservatism – although the same could of course have been said for Blair. Basically I dont really like our political system, but let’s gloss over that for now.

What I have been considering is the potential changes in society that a Tory government would bring, I fear that many of the progressive social institutions that arose under labour will disappear – I’m talking Sure Start, extended schools workers and so on. What will have to appear in their place is the volunteer – arguably a good thing I suppose, as a perpetual volunteer I must support the idea. But it does concern me that the kind of voluntary social care provided is provided as ‘charity’ or elitist conservative patronage.

However, what will be will be, and I suppose every cloud has its silver lining, with the new posh will probably come the new mods – and mod music is some of the best music in history.

By the way, also on this kind of subject is a video of a Copenhagen confrontation (more like a love-in) between Boris Johnson and George Monbiot (himself just a bit posh) on carbon emissions and electric Porsches. It’s also on the Guardian – newspaper of choice for posh lefties everywhere.


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