Permaculture training

I had a great day on Saturday, partaking in a bit of permaculture training at an eco centre I’ve been volunteering in. The trainer was a guy called Chris Chidlow from York, and if you’re looking for a permaculture trainer.

I can heartily reccomend Chris as a great teacher, his speciality is gardening, and he is an experienced professional horticulturist as well as a permaculture designer.

The training was based upon looking at the site the eco centre is based on, which is an old plant nursery site that we are only beginning to redevelop.

Chris Chidlow, York based permaculturist.

The permaculture approach that Chris brought was very helpful in identifying new approaches, next steps and important principles to engage with. I’ve wittered on about permaculture many times before, and one day I am hopeful of doing a proper permaculture design course… one day!

Looking at a site specific model for a permaculture approach was much more helpful than talking about generalities.

In the meantime though, the course has encouraged me to continue in my rather slow approach to gardening, even though those around me seem to be getting much better results by their tried and tested weedkiller, fertiliser and rotavator approach to gardening. As the snow is somewhat thinner on the ground now, it’s time to get back on to the allotment again, and start putting some of that permaculture theory into practise again.


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