Yes we have new neighbours

I should have written about this a couple of weeks ago, but at the time I was still in the thrall of twitter, which I have now realised is way beyond evil.

Yes in all the fun of the busiest winter I’ve had in a long time, we got some actual proper neighbours. The shop unit next door to us has been sat empty since before we moved in – partly because of the exorbitant prices being charged for would be buyers, and partly just because there is a lot of empty property round here.

For a while, when the off-license beneath us closed down, we were really alone, with only the bakers shop diagonally down from us as a neighbour. To be fair, they are pretty noisy, so we certainly know they are there – deliveries at 4am? No thanks!

But anyway, I digress, we’d been talking about the potential in the little unit next to our front door for some time, and now its begun to be fulfilled – Green’s Cafe opened one week ago. Staffed by the lovely Ben, Donna and Sue (surname Green – see what they did?)

Now granted they missed an obvious opportunity to make a nice green sign, but perhaps they know something about colour-blindness that I dont, or perhaps the sign shop had a special offer on red and black – I dont know. But there we are, they’re open… now to start working on them to offer fair trade filter coffee… and I had been wondering about a cafe church venue too…

In all seriousness, we’re dead chuffed to have them there, and wish them a great success.


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