baka beyond come to town

Grimsby does sometimes get called the back of beyond, so it seems somehow fitting that the now veteran (well, they have been around for about 20 years now) world music artists ‘baka beyond‘ are coming to town next week.

In an unusual turn, it seems that the town is hosting a mini world music festival, with gigs and workshops featuring talent from near and far.

Without doubt the highlight will be the baka beyond gig, which is going to be hosted by Saint James Church, a magnificent cathedral like space, which although it seems a little  incongruous will surely be a great venue for this exciting and exotic band.

Baka beyond have been around for yonks, and have pioneered their own form of African Celtic fusion, which remains really fresh and joyful.

I did moan to the festival organiser that I should realy have been given a DJ slot somewhere in the festival, somehow they have overlooked my prodigious talents for those of other somewhat better qualified people – ho hum.

Supporting baka beyond are The Zagros Band, who I am looking forward to hearing, got to admit, I’m not currently familiar with their output, but I’m hoping there’s going to be some stomping Balkan tunes in there somewhere.

Other artists appearing over the weekend are The Hut People and ever popular local band Merlin’s Keep, should all be good.

And in the meantime I’m still dreaming of the day when the Grimsby world music festival announces joint headliners Rachid Taha and Manu Chao – now that would be some gig…


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