Good Customer service from Finisterre

A while back I bought my wife a Merino jumper from the British clothing brand Finisterre, it was a pretty high value item which was bought as a present, and I was impressed by its technical performance. I think it was one of the first ever pieces of Merino clothing we bought.

Now you have to understand that because it was an expensive piece of clothing Kel didnt wear it an awful lot, certainly not for rough outdoors type activities, which is what it was designed for. She used it mainly for layering (thermal and wicking properties are very good) and what you might call ‘light leisure wear’.

But after a while we noticed there was an issue with the garment, namely a couple of small holes had developed along one or two of the seams. I had a close look at them and decided I felt that rather than wear and tear, these were caused by either too tight stitching at the seam or too dense a stitch count meaning that there’s not enough give at the seam to accomodate the relatively soft nature of the wool. Sorry, that’s quite boring, and might even be wrong – but that was my assesment.

So I got in touch with Zoe at Finisterre to tell her about it.

Customer service point 1) She suggested I send it back to them using a freepost system.

Customer service point 2) She listened to my points, and kept me closely informed of what was happening to the top. She sent it to their product designers to see what they thought the problem was.

Customer service point 3) Rather than argue with me about it, they mended the top and offered a discount on future purchases.

Many many clothing companies wouldnt even consider this kind of customer service, Finisterre have my admiration for excellent quality customer and product support, and this one small issue aside, very good quality products.

If you buy new clothing, which in the main I dont, then I reccomend you check them out. Their prices are quite high, meaning that their products are not throw-away and their range is quite small, meaning that they dont have loads of waste.

I really rate this brand for quality, ethical production and superb customer service.

Thanks Finisterre.


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