A spiritual lesson from bread

I learn most of my ‘life lessons’ from really obvious things. Perhaps its because I’m so thick headed that its only the obvious things which get through to me.

Every thursday (as near as) I make bread, I usually spend the morning making it. Sometimes I make other things too, but I always make bread, because if I didnt we wouldnt have any bread to eat, which would mean no toast either, which would be a calamity.

Anyway, the method with bread requires an amount of patience, you mix the yeast mixture with the flour mixture, knead it, and wait for it to rise. Then you knead it again and wait again. Finally you bake it.

Usually though I can get through this whole procedure in a morning, or perhaps just the first two parts, leaving the baking until later.

But last week I found myself at the mercy of a batch of dough which didnt want to rise. The thing was I knew it had all the correct ingredients, and that it would rise, it was just being very slow.

So I had to wait, and wait, and wait for ages, for the first prove. Then kneaded it again and had to wait and wait and wait again.  A number of times I thought about chucking it out, making a new batch, starting again with different set of ingredients.

But instead I held fast, stuck with it and let it rise in its own sweet time.

It took ages, but weirdly the bread I got from it was really good bread. Top texture, great flavour, really nice bread.

I think there is a lesson there that we can all take a hold of, certainly means something to me about what we’re doing here, and perhaps applies to a lot of people. There is a lot of spirituality in bread and yeast particularly, and this is just one of the many lessons I have learned from it.


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