The arrival of spring?

A few of the spring bulbs in my allotment garden are beginning to flower, and although frost still covers the ground each morning, it disappears much more quickly than it had been doing.

I’ve begun the second round of garlic planting, and I removed the protection from the broad beans which I sowed last autumn – to be honest that hasnt been the worlds most successful operation…

Nearly broke my thumb in a mouse trap, which if you knew my thumbs, you would realise takes some doing, fortunately escaped with only a red welt on the knuckle due to some hasty removal of digits from trap jaw…

Tools are sanded, oiled and in some cases oiled for a second time, and I’ve started warming up some of the beds in preparation for planting. As I did so, I realised I really must make a planting plan, or else I’m in danger of just being totally haphazard in my arrangements… shurely shome mishtake!

One of the sheds is now gone, I pulled it down, chopped it up and burned it, which was rather pleasing, but now I have a gap – to fill with what? Probably just junk I suppose.

I am looking forward to this planting season, Its less likely to be completely taken up with writing, and more open to actually dealing with weeds, seeds and so on. And after the long winter we’ve had, spring seems like a very welcome relief.


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