Organic and Fairtrade value chains, a free business guide

There’s a very lengthy and, at first glance, very useful guide to doing business in the organic and fairtrade sectors available here, and made available to either view online or downloadable as a pdf.

By the looks of it, this guide should prove very helpful for anyone who is interested in developing or managing a supply chain in the organic and/or fairtrade sectors, and it certainly looks like something I wish I had read a couple of years ago, and which I may yet be dipping into.

Certainly helpful for anyone who doesnt want to lose lots of money setting up an enterprise, which is sadly the all too common result of attempts to set up these kind of businesses. I’ve personally seen far too many companies go belly up, and its only by the grace of God, and not having any money to put into anything (perhaps the two are the same thing) that it hasnt happened to me.

If anyone has read through it all already – Joe probably has – then please do comment here, it’s going to be a while before I get round to it.


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