DFID lying about Sri Lanka?

Are DFID, the government department for International Development, telling fibs about how much money has been put into Sri Lanka? That is how it seems, following the FOI requests submitted by Joe Turner.

Responding to his request to know exactly how much had been spent by the end of December 2009, the year in which Douglas Alexander had publicly claimed they had given £12.5 million, the department wrote to say that the amount actually came to £9.81 million, a sizeable sum, but more than two million quid short!

See a copy of the response here on Joe’s blog.

Seems like somebody at DFID isnt getting their facts right…

One thought on “DFID lying about Sri Lanka?

  1. Mmm.. I suppose we should be grateful that they appear to have actually received the promised money (give or take a million pounds or so) by Feb 2010. I think it is a little disingenuous to suggest this is all ‘new’ money though. Presumably there were existing funding programmes continuing throughout 2008, 2009 and 2010 – so what we really want to know is how much extra funding was actually given in 2009 beyond what would have been given anyway.

    Or maybe I take an unhealthy interest in these things.

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