Village of Hope Orphanage, Morrocco

Following up on my earlier post about human rights infringements in Morrocco, the following press release was sent to me, and I’m posting it  here for your information.

At the time when Morocco was meeting in Granada with EU officials to improve relations and promote human rights, something distressing was happening to Europeans, South Africans and Americans in Morocco. It does not seem to be an isolated incident. This story needs to be heard.

For the past 10 years the Village of Hope in Ain Leuh Morocco has offered an outstanding level of care and love to Moroccan Children.  The unique model of care offered by VOH means that children have been raised in family units with a Mum and Dad rather than the more traditional dormitory style orphanage set up.

VOH has always operated with the full knowledge and agreement of the Moroccan authorities with the overt understanding that the overseas workers are Christian.  It has also always been understood that the children would be raised in a Muslim/Christian environment but would also be fully immersed in their Moroccan culture in terms of love for their country, language, education and knowledge of Islam.

On Monday 8th March, all 16 overseas workers, including 10 parents, and 13 natural-born dependents, were told they were to be evicted from the site and country.

The reason given was that the parents had been proselytizing, with no explanation of who, when, where or how this was alleged to have occurred.  No charges concerning the welfare and care of the children have ever been raised as a concern by the Moroccan authorities in the 10 year history of VOH.

This has been a very distressing and hard experience for the children and their foster parents.

Members of the press are may e-mail Chris Broadbent (   for more information.


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