Nick Mason, organic cotton, K2 and mountaineering

Ok, so things are coming to a head concerning Nick Mason, aka Nicholas R Mason of Conwy, North Wales, and the subjects of Organic Cotton, Conservation,  Tanzania, Everest, K2 and Mountaineering in general.

I have for a long time had a number of searches hitting this site regarding Nick Mason and Organic Cotton. A number of people have emailed me to find out who Nick is and what his involvement is with this sector.

More recently information has come my way that Nick is planning a mountaineering trip to K2.

I want to emphasise that I am not an expert on Nick Mason or his background, skills or character. I knew Nick for a couple of years during which time he told me that he had set up the first Organic cotton project in Handeni, Tanzania. What he described sounded wonderful, and it took me a long time to realise that some elements of his story did not add up. He also told me how he’d been beaten up and falsely imprisoned in Tanzania, and had only escaped after political intervention.

I am not accusing Nick of anything, only saying that some of the things he told me did not seem to have evidence to back them up, rather the evidence appeared to demonstrate the opposite.

<reference to an essay removed at request of the essay writer>

Nick also told me that he had climbed Everest and various other mountains, and my hasty research appeared to bear that out. Others have done deeper research and have contradicted these findings.

I am very concerned that anyone involved in the proposed K2 expedition should do a great deal of due-diligence before committing themselves or their money into the project. I know of a number of individuals who claim to have lost money to Nick for one reason or another.

I really liked Nick, I found him great company and very inspiring. However, I was very saddened to find that some of the things he told me couldnt be verified, and I feel personally that my time spent with him was sadly wasted.

If you want to know more about Nick, I can put you in touch with others who know him better than I did, you can make your own judgements that way.

Areas he has been involved with in the recent past include fund-raising, hot-air ballooning, drama and theatrical companies, development, conservation and mountaineering.

There are two other notable Nick Masons with whom he should not be confused, the first is a notable expert on mountain Medecine, who lives in Cardiff and is a hospital consultant. That Nick Mason is a real mountaineer.

The other notable Nick Mason is the former drummer for Pink Floyd… he’s not the same guy either!

I am sorry to be doing this, it feels like a betrayal of a friendship, but I dont want to see anyone get hurt or lose any money because of potential character flaws in a person I used to like very much.

29 thoughts on “Nick Mason, organic cotton, K2 and mountaineering

    1. Please feel free to share anything you know! You can email me if you prefer… Very sad that it has ended up in this way.

  1. hi, i understand that everyone has a right to talk and discuss topics. But i do feel that talking about this man as if he was an animal in a cage that you view is disgusting. i cannot believe that you have so much balls to belittle a man for trying to make his life better. i know for a fact that he has never twisted the truth or lied about his expeditions and if your looking for proof all you have to do is contact his family and im sure they would happily tell you. so put that in your article.

    1. Hi Anna, I am sorry you feel hurt by this, it is not my intention to be hurtful. I have sent you an email, and would encourage anybody else who knows Nick well and wants to stick up for him, to get in touch too. I have no vendetta here, but I do get a lot of people contacting me.

      1. hi, i understand where anna’s coming from. I myself am trying to find some things out about him, could you please contact me.
        thanks kate

      2. Hi Kate, I have emailed you. I am afraid this is not really the place to come looking for general information on Nick – I can help you by linking you to others if you have a specific business-related question. If you want to find out more about him generally, the best person to ask would probably be Nick himself. As previously mentioned, I bear no malice toward Nick. Thanks, Simon.

      3. Hi Simon, As store manager, I employed Nick Mason to work in Snowdonia Adventure T/A Gelert in Betws y Coed. I went away on holiday for 3 week’s and when I got back my job didn’t exist… I was redundant! He stuck the boot in good and proper whilst I was away. DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS MAN… HE IS VERY BAD NEWS AND IS VERY ECONOMICAL WITH WHAT IS REALITY AND WHAT ISN’T!!!

    2. Contacting Nick, or his family, has proved something of a challenge, not only for individuals, but also for the County Court in Conwy and other debt collectors. It is one thing to want to make your life better; it is something else to attempt to do it at the expense of others.

  2. I have to say that Simon has been exceptionally even-handed in his response to my enquiry about Nick Mason last year. He was very considerate of Nick and simply gave me contact details for a wide range of people who had references for him. This is a normal part of what I would need to do in finding out more about people who I might want to work with and I’m very grateful for Simon’s fair and considerate help.

  3. I know from many years of experience that Nick cannot be trusted, i’m sure half the time even he believes what he is doing is for a good cause although it is quite clear that (perhaps only subconsciously) he is merely interested in self gain, it is wrong to slag someone off just for the sake of it however the facts speak for themselves and people deserve to know whom they are giving their money and trust. Nick appears to be a very passionate and inspirational man but it is sad to say it but this is all just appearance. I can see how Anna is viewing this, if i hadn’t of had personal experience with this man in terms of business, i would probably think the same. . .but this isn’t just a simple case of slagging someone off, its a backed up account of someone who has obviously suffered from putting their faith in a man, a friend who was not what they appeared to be. It is right to prevent others from going through similar injustice.

    1. hi, well I can put your mind at rest on that score at least… some time after getting to know Nick, I did pitch and write an article (I now wish I hadn’t) for a now defunct magazine. I got paid for that article, and as far as I am concerned that was all fine. My problems with Nick stemmed entirely from my involvement with him in the context of organic cotton. You’re welcome to contact me if you need to know more, or to be in touch with others. Cheers.

  4. Omg wtf your all a bunch of muppets.I know Nick really well he done so much, how can you sit there slaging him of, what the hell have you done with you lifes nothing i bet.

  5. Is that what this is about your little article didn’t get published mate grow a pair you look like a spoilt little shit

    1. Heidi. As I discovered, to my cost, it can take a long time to actually know someone really well; sometimes it takes information and opinions from numerous other people to persuade you, if that someone is a person you like and have put your trust in. This is not the place to go into details, but I know that Simon C’s motivation for putting up his piece about NM was not revenge or spite. I suspect that, like me, he was just profoundly disappointed. I can endorse Kayla’s description of NM above as being consistent with my experience.

  6. Hi Heidi, sorry you don’t like what is said here. As it goes my article was indeed published – seems an age ago now.

  7. Nick Mason is a Conn!!!
    Don’t trust him.
    He cost me £24,000.
    At the time I was a director of a mail-order company and he was recommended by a reputable supplier. He persuaded me to found a charity with him together to produce organic cotton in Nepal. I believed that he could do this but nothing really materialised after months of paying him a high director’s salary and his endless expenses.
    Later I heard from others that he did the same to them. One of them even lost their home.
    He seems to approach organic entrepreneurs.
    Don’t trust him or you will lose a lot of money!

  8. James – there seems to be a wide range of organic coffee activity in Nepal/Himalayas. Is there one particular organisation involved? The Nick Mason discussed above should not be confused with the photographer and climber Dr. Nick Mason from South Wales, although I don’t know that he has been involved in any sort of organic product trade. As Simon C says, this does sound like the sort of thing the (North Wales) Nick Mason might try to be involved with. In which case, proceed with caution.

  9. Regrettably I am STILL getting hits on this blog post, and enquiries from people wanting to find out about Nick. If you are worried about Nick, then do feel free to email.

  10. Simon, I write to commend you on the existence of this blog, in Kayla’s words ‘ to prevent others from similar injustice’. I am an entrepreneur, and Nicks current employer. Outwardly this man exudes charm and grace, and is indeed interesting company. He has over time gently introduced his ideas for conservation and Nepal and fundraising schemes, yesterday I got the full presentation and pitch to fund a Hot Air ballooning venture for a charitable cause, (with cash involved!).

    I did not conduct the original interview with Nick when he joined my business (I have over 500 people), so yesterday as part of the conversation took the opportunity to find out more about the man himself. My initial thoughts were that so much about his background does not add up, or too good to be true. He currently suggests he in lecturing for the Open University and leading research for the United Nations in Nepal. I believe he uses the ”other” Dr Nick Mason from Cardiff exploits to embellish his own credentials.

    This raised my suspicions and less than 10 minutes research last night, brought me to your blog. Needless to say Nick has failed in his latest confidence trick!

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