Maddy Harland’s permaculture garden on TV

I spotted on Emma Cooper’s blog that Maddy Harland’s permaculture garden is going to be featured on TV soon, seeing as I’m in something of a ‘lets recommend things on iplayer’ mood, I strongly suspect this will be worth watching.

Maddy is the editor of Permaculture Magazine, which is kind of required reading really, good stuff. I should have an article in the next issue, looking at monastic history and its relationship to sustainable land use.

Maddy also blogs a great place to go if you have any interest in permaculture.

Her garden is a mature forest garden and from what I’ve seen and read before its a great example of permaculture in a real setting.

So anyway, the programme is part of gardening guru Alys Fowler’s series, which glories in the name of The Edible Garden, it’s going out on BBC2 at 8.00 pm on Wednesday 7th April 2010. If you have a TV, you could watch it there and then, if you’re like me, then you can catch it on iplayer afterwards.

Warmly recommended.


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