Tobias Jones – new monasticism lecture

The very clever, witty, and annoyingly wise Tobias Jones delivered an interesting and provocative lecture on New Monasticism at Bristol Universtiy, at the beginning of the month.

If you’re interested in the subject at all, visit the Bristol Universtiy multifaith chaplaincy site where you can listen to or download the lecture.

Tobias is a great speaker, and has a bit of a go at those of us who over and misuse the word ‘community’ – as he puts it: “Community is like being stuck in a lift with people, for a very long time…”

To add to the controversy he also has a bit of a go at some of the ‘new monastic’ stuff that’s out there, using a quote from my book (eeek), where the Northumbria Community’s Roy Searle warns against the danger of a doing spirituality – ‘a monk is not defined by his task’ warns Searle, ‘but by his desire to seek God.’

I do particularly enjoy his description of monasticism as: “ancient, established, radical and rhythmic…”

And there’s loads more good stuff in there, he even mentions me once or twice! (Blush.)


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