Shorts weather

Shorts weather has arrived. At long last I might add, it is the 23rd of March for pity’s sake!

Mind you, on a walk the other day with my parents who were visiting from warmer climes, they told me about the problem of sub-cutaneous fat for those who wear too little clothing for the weather.

Must confess I’m a little sceptical about that particular theory, seems a bit too close to the old ‘wrap up warm’ philosophy to me. So anyway, while I held back on stripping down to pants and vest I was sporting my least scruffy pair of shorts today, which was a pleasant relief – particularly as they can be partnered with sandals, thereby dispensing with the need for socks. Ah unencumbered foot bliss.

Having just been told by a friend that some parts of my blog are ‘boring’ I should probably stop this particular post here.


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