Monos conference

I had a booking form through today for the fourth annual conference to be held by Monos, a centre for the study of monasticism. It’s at Douai Abbey, near Reading, between 9th to 11th of July.

I must say the conference looks really interesting, focussing on ‘Pre Benedictine Monasticism’ in other words recognising that there are other rules out there that pre-date Benedict, and looking at them, along with Benedict’s rule, in terms of how they relate to those who are interested in secular monasticism.

There are some very knowledgeable speakers going – including:

Professor Andrew Louth, Professor of Patristic and Byzantine Studies at Durham University and a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Reverend Dr Robin Gibbons, he was a Benedictine monk, but became an Eastern Catholic Melkite, in which role he works to revitalise their ancient traditon of Idiorhtymic Monastics and anchorites. He also works with Oxford University.

Dr. Jonathan Wooding,  the director of the University of Wales, Lampeter’s Celtic Studies programme, who teaches and researches in areas of medieval and new forms of monasticism.

Dr Augustine Casiday, an Orthodox Christian who lectures at Lampeter, specialising  in early church history, and directing the MA in Monastic Studies.

Yeah, ok, I realise it might sound a bit nerdy to anyone who isnt too engrossed in this stuff, but trust me, I think it would be time very well spent. I heard from Anthony Grimley of Monos, in the final stages of putting my book together, and a thoroughly good chap he seems.

I have to admit though, I doubt I’ll be going, at £185 for the weekend, its a bit steep for me I’m afraid, what with an involuntary vow of poverty on the go 😉 Perhaps someone who does go could send me their notes!

Monos have lots of other interesting stuff going on too, read more on their events page.


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