Divine Inspiration – Permaculture Magazine

Permaculture Magazine

I have an article in the most recent edition of Permaculture Magazine, it’s called ‘Divine Inspiration’ and touches (all too briefly) on the heritage of sustainable land use that the monastics have left us with.

I should really have gone into the ecological and economic crisis that precipitated the end of the Roman Empire, which the monastic small scale farming models helped to stem, but perhaps someone else wants to commission that article… 😉

I warmly reccomend Permaculture Magazine, which I always enjoy and find a very helpful source of information and inspiration.If it’s not available locally to you, you can buy it here, or get an e’edition here. It always seems to have lots of good things about Kelly Kettles, which is a sure fire sign of goodness, and this month it has a whole section on outdoor cooking, including the honey stove… you can understand why I like it.


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