How to get rid of compost gnats

It's a gnat trap cutey, and you've been caught!

Have you got little black flies in your plant pots? When you water your house plants, do little flying creatures escape from the compost?

If you are suffering with this problem, and it can be really REALLY annoying, particularly when the horrid little blighters colonise a mint plant or some other windowsill herb, then there is a simple, organic, natural remedy.

You dont need to spend lots on getting a nasty sticky flypaper or some other fly trap, instead just get a small plastic lid, such as the top of a milk bottle.

Half fill the lid with Almond oil – aka ‘Sweet Almond Oil’ and place said lid in among the plants of next to an infested plant. Leave it and be amazed by how many flies find it irresistable and meet a sticky end.

In the garden, wormwood is supposed to be an excellent deterrant for unwanted insects, I have a small tray of wormwood seedlings growing on one of my windowsills, and interestingly I havent noticed any flies near them – yet.

Venus fly traps are good too of course, although a bit temperamental in my experience, and quite keen to die.

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