I didnt quite manage to live up to my last post, and rather ridiculously have managed not a single blog for weeks.

My excuses are:
1) I’ve been busier than usual (true).
2) I’ve had nothing to say (not true, plus it’s never stopped me before).
3) I’m out of the habit (true).
4) I’ve broken all my fingers (not true).

So I DO intend to start blogging again either today or next week (I avoid computers over weekends) and will delight you with tales of story writing workshops, ongoing battles with compost gnats and slugs (not as a joint force – kind of ground troops and air force assault, you’ll be relieved to know). News of my book; related news of a new monastic gap year; comic book exhibitions and such stuff.
I really really really will start blogging again, even though whether or not I have blogged recently appears to make little impact on my day to day blog stats – sigh.


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