Talking Of Materialism

In case listening to me drone on about stuff is your bag…

you may find this interesting.The talk  is simply entitled ‘Materialism‘.  I haven’t listened to it, please dont tell me if you think its dreadful.

I dare say you’ll note the irony if you’ve heard me drone on about how much I object to preaching and sermons… to cap it all I got introduced to someone in the street the other day as a ‘preacher man’.  (Sweet talking see…) Actually I thought it was a bit unfair really, at that point I had studiously dodged doing any ‘preaching’ for quite some time. However, rather than complain about this flagrant mischaracterisation, I just smiled and nodded.

Anyhow, an opportunity to talk about materialism popped up, and for one reason or another, which I shan’t expand on, I took it – judge the results for yourself, although I should warn you that it’s 40 minutes of your life you won’t be able to get back.

I should say though that I welcome any and all requests for me to come and talk about new monasticism – in pretty much any context – I’m starting to think about publicising the book which is due out in September.


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