Story writing workshops

One of the things that has been keeping me occupied over the last few weeks has been a series of story writing workshops which I was commisioned to deliver to a load of primary schools in the region.

The children are mixed ability year 5 & 6, and with up to 40 kids in a class, it has been something of a challenge, especially for someone who is not a teacher!

However, I have developed what I think is a pretty good session, well two sessions actually, themed around Sherlock Holmes and detectives. I won’t give all my secrets away, but lets say the morning’s worth of activities include dressing up, cracking codes, working together to solve a ‘whodunnit’ and much more – all in the name of understanding how a story can be created.

The picture above is ‘Mr Bryson’, one of the characters from the whodunnit, drawn of course by my very own partner in crime Steve Beckett. Actually, Steve’s just finished working on a comic recently – absolutely outrageously un-PC stuff – check it out.

Back to the story writing… The idea is that these children will be submitting stories for a competition run by North Lincolnshire council, the winner of which will have his or her story illustrated “in the popular manga style”…

Yeah – me and Steve will be doing that bit too.

I’ve been really helped actually by doing a Ptlls course, well in fact I’m still doing it, it’s a course in really basic teaching, aimed at those who work in the ‘life long learning’ sector, which I also do these days. Having never had any kind of training on lesson planning, schemes of work and so on before, I found this a very helpful set of terms to kind of hang my ideas on. So using that language I got to work on developing a story writing lesson or two, and found that it came out really well – at least the kids seem to think so, and so far all the teachers have been positive, although they might just have been glad that I was leaving 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got another workshop tomorrow, time to make sure I’ve got all my worksheets in place, and to check I know where I’m going I suppose… no, I still havent got a sat nav, maps rule.


2 thoughts on “Story writing workshops

    1. hi Paul, thanks for this. In fact I did a Ptlls course earlier in the year, I found it very helpful and would encourage others to do it too.

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