WOMAD 2010

I’m particularly excited this year to be going to WOMAD at Charlton Park, in Wiltshire. There’s a really exciting and suitably exotic lineup of musicians and groups from all over the world, I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Tony Allen perform, he’s definitely a musical hero of mine. Salif Keita is brilliant too, in fact there are lots of artists I’m really looking forward to hearing live – hopefully they wont all be playing at the same time…

There’s just tonnes of great music on offer, from Afro Beat to Gypsy Jazz, from the Ukelele orchestra, to Imogen Heap – even Rolf Harris is showing up with his band, as are a number of well known groups like the Afro Celts, Chumbawumba and Ska Cubano.

I’m certain that the greatest delights will be found by accident, which is one of the reasons I’m really looking forward to being there, accidentally discovered music is always a treat.

If you’re free between the 23rd and 25th of July, this is a music festival that would be really worth your while getting to – no overblown popstars withthe usual commercial pap – rather a celebration of some of the best music in the world.

Check out the full lineup (so far) here.


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