You know when you’ve been googled

Well I do.

Actually let’s just be clear, I know when I’ve been googled, not when you have.

I know because google sends people to this blog, and then the search string shows up in the stats, which to be quite honest is a bit alarming.

I mean, are you googling me because you like me, or because you’re after me in some kind of sinister way? Is it out of some weird fascination, in the same way as I might google ‘birch bark canoe’ – (I don’t know why I find them so interesting…)…?

Or is it because you hate me, and want to find ammunition to use against me?

Well whatever it is, you ended up here, and I hope it made you rethink your behaviour. In the past, when I have googled myself (shameful, but I have done it) I have come up with articles written by Simon Cross (not always mine) and a Scottish rugby player… who is sadly not me. Sigh.

Anyway, I feel somehow secure in the hands of wordpress, who would surely show up a search string of ‘where is Simon Cross, I want to kill him’ – at least if it didnt before, it will now. Google whack!


5 thoughts on “You know when you’ve been googled

  1. well. I arrived via google. but I didn’t google you per se. Can’t remember what it was. Possibly christian-permaculture-newmonasticism-celtic. Something pretty broad and open like that. Then I discovered you had tags for anabaptism and read shane claiborne, so I plonked you in google reader post haste. Cos there aren’t many sane people left.

    1. Hey Jackie, welcome aboard. Glad our interests coincide so well, its a pleasure to hear from you. Not often I’m called sane these days…

  2. That actually happened to a friend of mine (‘ I want to kill X’). He tracked down the IP address and sent a letter to the company that owned it asking them to discipline whichever employee had done the google search.

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