in at the deep end

Another day, another writing workshop. A good thing I’m used to them now, as today I was given a room and a load of kids, and left to get on with it… no teachers, no TA’s, just 25 ‘spirited’ young people in a room not ideally suited to the purpose. A long morning.

I’m just glad that this wasnt the first workshop I’ve done, as I would have been somewhat unsettled! Tomorrow is the relative sanity of a full day of interviewing potential head teachers for the local school, followed immediately by a full evening of school governors meeting. It’s gonna be a long-un.

Added to that, I just realised that I have got one of the page numbers wrong in my references in the book, since it has already been passed through all the editing procedures and gone off to print, I shall just have to hope that nobody checks the references… sigh.  Most annoying, I basically swapped two numbers round… perhaps I should sell it as a special test, or some kind of secret code?

Getting interest in the New Monasticism thing from another angle too at the moment, which could turn out to be quite interesting, I’m intending to peak your interest by making it sound mysterious. Hope it works…

Soon I will launch on the unsuspecting world the video I made talking about the book, that’ll be good for a laugh if you’re fed up some time. I can’t believe how long it took me to film it, and how ropey it looks despite the time it took! What was worse, I got spotted doing it, and ribbed mercilessly afterwards.

How I suffer for my art.


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