Every now and then, we do a newsletter, sometimes they are more exciting than others, and they are always rather erraticly timed. Anyhow, be that as it may, I’ve just sent out a new one, and it has gone to most of our friends.

However, if it hasnt gone to you, and you want it, then please let me know. There are, you see, many reasons why it might not have reached you:

we might have fallen out, and you havent realised

I might have the wrong email address for you

actually – come to think of it those are the only two…

…only joking, I am very poor at keeping up to date lists of email addresses, which is another reason I dont send out many newsletters. At any rate, if you know us well, there wont be much by way of news in there, and this time round there is a real paucity of jokes, although there is a picture of me looking comedic with a ridiculously small hat – sigh.

So the long and short of this is, if you dont know much about what we’re up to, and you consider yourself a chum of ours, then let me know.


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